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Changes to Ring of Elysium's development plans

by ROE team 2021-10-14 13:31:31

Dear Adventurers,

With the end of our third anniversary event, we'd like to first thank all of you for your continuous love and support. In the past three years, we have steadily released new content and updates for the game and strived to provide players with a high quality  experience. Moments such as getting an 8.5 review from IGN, hosting the Thailand Invitational, and showing up in Gamescom 2019 have been incredibly memorable for us, and these achievements belong to you guys - more than 10 million ROE players worldwide!

In the past three years, we focused on listening to community feedback, worked hard to optimize gunplay, introduce new mechanics and game modes, improve the quality of characters, and put in continuous anti-cheat efforts. All these bit-by-bit improvements are the result of everyone's hard work, and the team is constantly learning and growing in this process. As Ring of Elysium enters a long-term operation state, we plan to extend the Adventurer Season 15 and make further adjustments to some of the content to give the team some time to reflect and evaluate.

We are forever grateful for the loyal support from players around the globe, your input has truly made ROE a better game, and we'll keep you updated on any and all plans we have for the team and future projects.


Oct. 14, 2021