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Patch Notes – Quantum Strike Supply Box and Bug Fixes (Jan.16.2020)

by ROE team 2020-01-16 15:41:04

Dear Adventurers,


Welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium. Here are the full details:



Weapon Skins

l  Introducing the Weapon Skin Supply Box drop- the Quantum Strike Supply Box! Open it and you'll have a chance at getting the 18 brand-new skins, including Groza and Vector epic skin- “Quantum Strike”, “Ancient Civilization”, “Wartech”, “Guardian”, and more!

l  Players can visit the "Store - Weapon Skin" interface in the game lobby, select and open the Quantum Strike Supply Box to obtain one random weapon skin in the supply box’s prize pool

l  After selecting the supply box, you can also click “Preview Rewards and Rules” in the upper left corner of the interface to preview the reward pool of the corresponding supply box and its detailed rules

l  The cost of opening each Supply Box is 100 E-points

l  Adventurers cannot receive duplicate rewards from Supply Boxes and will receive tokens for any reward they already own. (Uncommon- 1 Token, Rare- 5 Tokens, Epic- 20 Tokens)

l  Added 5 weapon skins to the Token Shop

n  MK12 – Covert Tactics

n  Citori – Covert Tactics

n  Scorpion – Covert Tactics



Adventurer Characters

l  Enabled Malus – Special Force Character Styles



l  Added three new vehicle appearances in Store, each priced at 500 E-Points:

n  SUV – Ancient Civilization

n  Armored Truck – Riot Police

n  Pickup Truck – Guardian

l  Added three Epic weapon skins in the Token Shop, each priced at 200 Tokens:

n  MK12 – Covert Tactics


n  Scorpion – Covert Tactics


n  Citori – Covert Tactics


l  Added the Anubis Accessory Mystery Box, each box open will yield a random Anubis accessory, the Mystery Box contains a total of 5 different accessory variations, gotta collect them all!




l  Optimized the issue of unstable FPS performance under the helicopter


Bug Fixes

l  Fixed several incorrect collisions and textures on the map

l  Fixed an issue where swimming sound effects continued to play after switching to another player when spectating

l  Fixed an issue where players occasionally couldn’t switch weapon firing modes

l  Fixed an issue where Vector’s bolt was static

l  Fixed an issue where players can occasionally get stuck in certain narrow areas

l  Removed some incorrect object models on Mt. Dione


Thanks for playing,