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by ROE team 2020-01-01 16:57:09

S7 Supporter rewards

   Introducing “Supporter rewards”! Purchase any amount of E-Points during Season 7 to claim a supporter reward pack at the Event Center, rewards include an Epic MP5 weapon skin, a vehicle appearance for the mini SUV, and a special portrait


Adventurer Pass owner exclusive rewards

   Introducing “Exclusive Daily Chest,” Adventurer Pass owners can claim one chest daily for random rewards including portraits, E-Points, vehicle appearances, accessories, traversal equipment appearances, and more!

Raging Sea Supply Box & First Blood Lootcrate update

   Updated the rewards for the Raging Sea Supply Box for Season 7

   Raging Sea Supply Box- replaced a set of traversal equipment appearances, 5 weapon skins, 2 vehicle appearances, and an accessory

   First Blood Lootcrate- replaced a set of traversal equipment appearances