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Patch Notes - Adventurer Season 7 Major Update (Jan.1.2020)

by ROE team 2020-01-01 16:49:47

Patch Notes - Adventurer Season 7 Major Update (Jan.1.2020)


Dear Adventurers,


Happy new year and welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium. Here are the full details:


Patch contents overview:

I. Adventurer Season 7 officially launches! Unlock the Adventure Pass to rank up your Tiers, earn in-game rewards, and earn 1400 E-Points back!

II. New Tactical Abilities- Stealth Cloak and Bio-signal Detector

III. Gameplay and balance changes

IV. New landmark on Europa Island- Campbell Shooting Range

V. Various events with FREE skins!

VI. Misc. changes

VII. Bug Fixes


Please note:

Ring of Elysium’s live servers will go down for maintenance for approximately four hours at:

l  PST: December 31st, 23:00 to January 1st, 0:00-3:00

l  UTC/GMT: January 1st, 7:00-11:00


During the maintenance period, the game will not be available and ongoing games will be interrupted directly. Please be sure to finish all matches before the above time to avoid any issues. Thank you for your patience and understanding.



Adventurer Season 7- Covert Tactics

   The Adventurer Pass spans over the 10-week season and is a way for players to earn exclusive in-game rewards. By playing the game and ranking up the seasonal Adventurer Tiers, players will unlock various epic rewards including:

   E-points: The S7 Adventurer Pass rewards include a total of 1400 E-points! Players can spend 950 E-points to unlock the Adventurer Pass and earn 1400 E-points back when they hit tier 97!

   Adventurer Characters (does not affect game balance)

   There will be three Adventurer Characters in this season. All characters have a variety of unlockable styles, and will gradually unlock as the player's Tier increases their Adventurer Pass

   Elena (Base Character Preview)


   Malus (Base Character Preview)



   Player portraits

   Glider appearances

   BMX appearances

   Grappling hook appearances

   Lobby music

   Loading screens

   and more!

   The Adventurer Pass is separated into two parts:

   The Free Pass - all players can obtain rewards by increasing their Adventurer Tiers without any sort of payment

   The Adventurer Pass, which is available for 950 E-Points. E-Points are a premium in-game currency obtained with real-world money via Steam payment (1000 E-Points is equivalent to $9.99 USD)

   Players will immediately get a handful of rewards upon purchasing the S7 Adventurer Pass, including two base Adventurer Characters: Elena and Malus! Players will also get access to exclusive Adventurer weekly challenges

   Players can buy the Adventurer Pass at any time during the season and retroactively earn the premium rewards based on the season tier that they have already reached!

   Players can level up their seasonal character levels by accumulating experience points in-game; each character level will reward a certain amount of Adventurer Badge(s). Completing daily and weekly challenges will also reward Adventurer Badges accordingly, 10 Adventurer Badges will increase players’ Adventurer Tier by one

   Weekly Challenge Missions will provide a large amount of Adventurer Badges and character experience points to help players increase their character levels and Adventurer Tiers. Season 7 will provide 10 sets of Weekly challenge missions. The first eight weeks' challenge missions will provide a large quantity of Adventurer Badges and the final two weeks' challenge missions will provide a large amount of character experience points. As the season progresses, one set of weekly challenge missions will be unlocked every week, and the already unlocked missions can be completed at any time throughout the season

   As always, none of the rewards in the Adventurer Pass affects game balance, and all unlocked rewards stay forever


New Tactical Abilities

   Stealth Cloak

   Use to gain a short duration of near-invisibility

   When using the Stealth Cloak, you will not be detected by Drones and Battlecar radars

   Has battery life, the battery will recharge when the cloak is not in use

   Players can crouch walk during invisibility, but cannot perform other actions such as aiming and firing their weapons

   Players lose invisibility after getting shot

   Default keybind is “G”

   This ability will go on a cooldown after each use


   Bio-signal Detector

   Use to scan the enemy's position within a certain range in front, marking the opponent's position at the moment they are scanned

   The Bio-signal Detector can detect opponents using the Stealth Cloak as well

   The detector will not reveal yourself, but will warn enemies that have been detected

   The enemy position marks will not move with the enemies

   Default keybind is “G”

   This ability will go on a cooldown after each use



New landmark on Europa Island

   Campbell Shooting Range: this abandoned facility is filled with CQC training grounds, shooting targets, and vegetation! Are you ready to jump in for an epic training session?


Gameplay changes

   Drone duration has been increased to 45 seconds

   Drone cooldown has been increased to 180 seconds

   Mini-SUV’s radar cooldown has been increased to 180 seconds

   Reduced the damage taken by hitting objects when riding the BMX bike at high speed

   In FPP mode, removed the default camera angle reset after getting off the BMX

   Removed four high tier loot zones:

   Fisherman Town


   Ocean Park

   Artaud City

   Added four high tier loot zones:

   Campbell Shooting Range

   Ema Island

   Drilling Platform

   Tidal Power Station


Event: FREE Mosin-Nagant Weapon Skin “Glory Days”

   Introducing the FREE weapon skin event for season 7: Mosin-Nagant- “Glory Days”

   Event period: Jan 1st to Mar 10th, 2019 (Pacific Time)

   During the event, log-in to get the 14-day free-trial version of the skin immediately

   You can get 10 points for daily logins and 5 points for completing daily tasks

   Reach 100 points during the event period to earn the permanent version of the skin for FREE!

   This weapon skin is limited to this event. After the event, this skin will not be sold in any form. Make sure not to miss it!



New-year login rewards

   Happy new year, Adventurers! Log-in to the game this week to get your special gifts and start off your 2020 in style! Rewards include an exclusive accessory, portrait, and a vehicle appearance for the SUV

   Event period: Jan 1st to Jan 7th, 2020 (Pacific Time)


S7 Supporter rewards

   Introducing “Supporter rewards”! Purchase any amount of E-Points during Season 7 to claim a supporter reward pack at the Event Center, rewards include an Epic MP5 weapon skin, a vehicle appearance for the mini SUV, and a special portrait

Lucky Draw- Season 7 update

   Lucky Draw is back and updated with new rewards! With an epic prize pool including the G36 – “Shadowtech” weapon skin, a set of traversal equipment appearances, a vehicle appearance for the SUV, and an adorable mummy accessory!

   Event Period: Jan 1st - Jan 29th, 2020 (Pacific Time)

   Event rules:

   Players can find the Lucky Draw interface by visiting the “Event Center” in the lobby

   This event is divided into four 7-day stages, players can draw 5 times during each stage and each draw costs 50 E-Points

   Players are guaranteed to get one item from the prize pool per draw, and items already drawn will not be repeatedly rewarded



Adventurer Pass owner exclusive rewards

   Introducing “Exclusive Daily Chest,” Adventurer Pass owners can claim one chest daily for random rewards including portraits, E-Points, vehicle appearances, accessories, traversal equipment appearances, and more!


S7 Adventurer Welcome Gift Box

   In order to thank all current and future Adventurers for their support, we’ve created the Season 7 Adventurer Welcome Gift Box. The Adventurer Welcome Gift Box will be provided to all Adventurers upon logging in for the first time during Season 7

   The gift box contains not only a limited-time trial card of a random Adventurer Character and the M4A1-Infinity weapon skin, but also some refreshing traversal equipment appearances!


Raging Sea Supply Box & First Blood Lootcrate update

   Updated the rewards for the Raging Sea Supply Box for Season 7

   Raging Sea Supply Box- replaced a set of traversal equipment appearances, 5 weapon skins, 2 vehicle appearances, and an accessory

   First Blood Lootcrate- replaced a set of traversal equipment appearances


Leaderboard and statistics reset

   With the launch of Season 7, we will reset the leaderboards, player ratings, and all personal statistics. This will continue to happen at the start of every new season


Battle Buddy- Season 7 Update

   To celebrate the launch of Season 7, and to allow players to earn more exclusive rewards with their friends, we have fully updated the rewards of the Battle Buddy invitation system

   All players’ Battle Buddy lists and Battle Buddy relationships have been reset with the launch of Season 7. Players are welcomed to continue recruiting new Battle Buddies in the Season 7 to join your adventures in Ring of Elysium


Bug Fixes

   Fixed an issue where Mobula's character style appearance was incorrect

   Fixed an issue where characters didn't take out their weapons automatically after landing with the glider

   Fixed an issue where the camera would suddenly shake when the character crouched from the standing position in FPP mode

   Fixed an issue where the weapon animation was played incorrectly when using sniper rifles in some cases

   Fixed an issue where moving vehicle models had incorrect black shadows

   Fixed an issue where the default MK12 weapon model was slightly incorrect

   Fixed an issue where the Scorpion's bolt didn’t move when firing

   Fixed an issue where Stella's hair texture was incorrect when using the "Low" graphics quality

   Fixed an issue where lighthouse models were displayed incorrectly when using the "Low" graphics quality

   Fixed several incorrect collisions (invisible walls) and other collision data errors on the map