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Adventurer Tier Boosts are back in Store!

by ROE team 2019-12-06 21:39:58

Dear Adventurers,

Adventurer Tier Boosts are back in Store! Rank up your tiers today to unlock your favorite Adventurer Pass rewards.

l  We have brought the Adventurer Tier Boosts back to the Store! There are three levels of Adventurer Tier instant boosts available for purchase (+1, +10 and +20 tiers)

l  A few tips:

n  Players can purchase adventurer tiers at the Store or through the "Buy Tiers" button under the Adventurer Pass interface

n  The +10 and +20 tier options both have discounts compared to purchasing just one adventurer tier

n  Please pay close attention to your current adventurer tier when purchasing. If your adventurer tier exceeds 100 after purchase, the exceeded tiers will be converted to character level experience points

n  Please note that players will not be able to purchase adventurer tiers if they are already at tier 100