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Conquer the ocean and claim your FREE rewards with our latest underwater-themed events!

by ROE team 2019-04-20 02:01:09

Sail out! The Pirate Carnival event is here!


Dear Adventurers,


Let’s take a look at the brand-new pirate-themed mechanics and in-game events we have introduced with the latest patch!


Gameplay-Pirate Ship

●On top of the typhoon weather, the pirate ship now also spawns under Heavy Rain and Thunderstorm weather conditions, making the pirate ship more accessible

●Added a combat platform for the pirate ship, after boarding the ship, players can move around freely on the deck and duel it out with their flintlock pistols!

●The pirate ship now also spawns special loot-crates, loaded with Pirate Carnival event currency and other tactical loot, such as the Enhanced Superior Helmet and Bulletproof Vest



Event: Pirate Carnival

●Event period: April 20 to May 3, 2019 (Pacific Time)

●During the event, players can collect event currency (Gold coins, Pearls, and Diamonds) by looting special treasure chests that spawn underwater and on the pirate ship. Successfully boarding the evacuation helicopter will also reward a certain amount of event currencies

●Players can spend event currencies to redeem special rewards at the in-game Store, rewards include brand-new pirate-themed accessories, vehicle appearances, and weapon skins!

●Beware! All event currencies obtained during the duration of the event will be reclaimed once the event finishes on May 3, 2019 (Pacific Time)

Gameplay-DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle)

●Added the DPV(underwater scooters) for all three traversal packs on Europa Island

●Players can use the DPV both underwater or on the water surface, the default keybind is “T”

●Players can fire the weapon attached to the DPV by pressing down the Left Mouse Button, please note that there is a limited amount of ammunition and bullets in water travel a lot slower

●The DPV also provides an oxygen tank to help extending breathing times underwater, the oxygen tank’s oxygen levels slowly recover while on the water surface


Event: Underwater Treasure Hunts

●Every once a while, an underwater treasure chest will spawn in one of the pre-defined locations on the map

●The position of the treasure chest will be shown on the map for all players to see

●Other than the typical airdrop loot, treasure chests also have a possibility to contain Pirate Carnival event currencies and the Enhanced Superior Helmet & Bulletproof Vest