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Pinnacle Challenges fully unlocked! Claim your FREE S3 Adventurer Pass and S2 exclusive portrait!

by ROE team 2019-03-14 17:10:41

Pinnacle Challenges fully unlocked! Claim your FREE S3 Adventurer Pass and S2 exclusive portrait!


Hi everyone!


To give back to everyone's long-term support, we have released the [Pinnacle Challenge] event on Feb. 28, the ultimate rewards of this event is a FREE Season 3 Adventurer Pass, and an Adventurer Season 2 exclusive portrait!


Event ends on: March 26, 2019 (Pacific Time)


Event rules:

l  There is a total of 9 Pinnacle Challenges, they have all been unlocked on March 14

l  Complete any 7 out of the 9 Pinnacle Challenges during the event period to receive your FREE Season 3 Adventurer Pass!

l  Complete the 9th(last) Pinnacle Challenge to receive your Season 2 exclusive portrait! (see below)



[Pinnacle Challenge analysis]

l  We believe many of you have realized that the Pinnacle Challenges are not that hard in terms of difficulty to complete, most of the time, you can easily complete the challenges by simply playing the game as usual, but let’s take a look at the last 3 challenges unlocked today!

l  Challenge #7: Use the First-aid Kit for 10 times

n  This is the easiest challenge out of the three and it’s pretty self-explanatory, you should be able to finish this challenge with no problems!

l  Challenge #8: Equip superior vest in 3 games

n  This one is kind of RNG-based, but we suggest you to spawn at resourceful towns on the map to increase your chances!

l  Challenge #9 (aka- the challenge that rewards you the S2 exclusive portrait!): experience obtained after unlocking this challenge

n  We know that some players are still not completely familiar with the experience system, we’re here to explain!

u  Personal experience is granted after each game round based on your performance, players can check out your current seasonal level and your current level’s XP progress in lobby, here’s a screenshot:

u 2.jpg

u  Gaining experience can be used to automatically increase Adventurer Badges, which leads to upping your Adventurer Tiers(1 level=1 badge, 10 badge=1 tier)

u  Accumulating experience can also be used to complete certain tasks/missions/challenges, like the Heroic Challenges or the #9 Pinnacle Challenge we’ve mentioned above!

u  All players’ personal experience level will reset at the beginning of a new season


That sums up this announcement, hopefully everyone can enjoy the challenges and earn your FREE S3 Adventurer Pass and that exclusive portrait, thanks for reading and good luck!