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Early Access Patch Notes - 3.8.2019

by ROE team 2019-03-08 03:27:56

Early Access Patch Notes - 3.8.2019



Dear players,


Welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium’s Early Access phase. Here are the full details:



●Now, if a player shoots an opponent, and the opponent dies to environmental damage right after being shot, the player will get the elimination instead of the environment

●Players will no longer exit the ADS state when taking a short fall

●FPP now also supports the function to enter the "shoulder fire" aiming state (the default keybind is "holding the right mouse button"), the shooting accuracy and the character movement speed modifiers are the same compared with the "shoulder fire" aiming state under TPP. Also, the "Aim" (shoulder fire) keybind has been added to the game settings, allowing you to independently bind a key to enter the "shoulder fire" aiming state

●Characters can now switch the shooting mode of the weapon in various character states such as vaulting, jumping, climbing, etc. (the default keybind is "B")



●After the natural disasters cover the final zone, the height of the evacuation helicopter will gradually decrease and reach the minimum height after a period of time. Adventurers can take advantage of this new mechanism to swiftly board the helicopter when the time is right!


Glider (Europa)

●Added boosters to the Glider (Europa)! While on the ground, you can now take off by pressing the keybind (the default key is "E") and deploy your glider midair, automatically. The cooldown for the boosted takeoff is 45 seconds, and the cooldown cannot be restored during the gliding process (please note that the function to deploy the glider normally after jumping off from a certain height remains unchanged)



●Added bike bells for the BMX! You can now use the keybind (the default keybind is "left mouse button") to ring the bike bells on the BMX


Grappling hook

●When your character us is hooked onto a wall, you can now jump towards all directions by pressing the direction keys (W, A, S, D) with the jump button (previously, you can only jump forward)



●Added the "auto drive" function setting to vehicles (the default keybind is “=”)



●Added a set of new Heroic Challenges, available exclusively for players that hit Adventurer Tier 100. Players with the Adventurer Passes will automatically unlock the corresponding Heroic Challenges after reaching tier 100

Complete this set of Heroic Challenges to get unique rewards such as portrait, Glider(Europa) appearance, BMX appearance, Grappling hook appearance, and the Alfonso - Challenge special style!

●Please note: ALL the Heroic Challenges will not expire or disappear as long as you unlocked the challenges (for example, hitting Tier 75 and unlocking the Tier 75 set of Heroic Challenges, you can complete the unlocked Heroic Challenges later and still be able to claim the challenge rewards!


Adventurer characters

●Added the Alfonso - Challenge special style, which can be obtained by completing the corresponding Heroic Challenge, available exclusively for Tier 100 players


Event: Spring card-flip raffle

●The Spring card-flip raffle event is here!

Event period: March 9 - March 15 (Pacific Standard Time)

Log-in daily, complete the corresponding task to get the card-flip qualification, flip the card of your choice, and claim awesome rewards!

●The event reward includes new traversal equipment appearances, vehicle appearance, and a special portrait. On top of that, players can also claim a brand-new accessory for FREE after successfully flipping four cards during the event period!


Event: Daily Check-in

●The daily check-in system continues! During March 9 - March 15 (Pacific Standard Time). Free pass users can log-in to the game and receive a 7-day limited time Adventurer Character trial card of Sylvia (base character) on the first day, and Adventurer Pass users can log-in to the game and receive 100 E-Points on the first day; in addition, all users can get a new BMX appearance for FREE after checking-in for 7 days!



●The three levels of Adventurer Tier instant boosts (+1, +5 and +10 tiers) are back in stock!

    ●A few tips:

●Players can purchase adventurer tiers at the Store or through the "Buy Tiers" button under the Adventurer Pass interface

●The +5 and +10 tier options both have discounts compared to purchasing just 1 adventurer tier, the discount is 10% off for +5 tiers, and 20% off for +10 tiers!

●There is no account limit for purchasing adventurer tiers. Newly registered players are able to purchase tiers immediately, go straight to tier 100 and unlock all rewards!

●Upon successful purchasing, your adventurer tier will be increased immediately.

●Please pay close attention to your current adventurer tier when purchasing. If your adventurer tier exceeds 100 after purchase, the exceeded tiers will be converted to character level experience points

●Players will not be able to purchase adventurer tiers if they are already at tier 100


Bug fixes

●Fixed an issue where the scope lens appeared to be blurry after switching scopes in some cases

●Fixed an issue where certain object's models flickered in some rare cases

●Fixed an issue where some green spots appeared on the texture of rocks

●Fixed an issue where the shadow was shown incorrectly for broken doors

●Fixed an issue where certain window textures were shown incorrectly

●Fixed an issue where the camera angle was glitched when the character is gliding towards buildings

●Fixed an issue where the character would get stuck when switching from proned to the crouched position in certain areas

●Fixed an issue where the character's hand model was glitched after getting eliminated while holding a weapon

●Fixed an issue where the character's weapon holding posture was shown incorrectly after getting off of a vehicle underwater

●Fixed an issue where the reload sound effect was played multiple times when the character turns while reloading and proned


Thanks for playing,