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The Season Two's Adventurer Pass has officially launched!

The Adventurer Pass is a 10-week seasonal event system, a way for players to earn exclusive in-game rewards by playing the game and leveling up their seasonal Adventurer Tiers. As players' Adventurer Tier increases, different kinds of cool rewards will be unlocked, including:

Three brand-new Adventurer Characters, Bradley (Echelon Special Operations Force Officer), Sylvia (Echelon Special Operations Force Agent), and Alfonso (Echelon Special Operations Force Exoskeleton Armored Prototype Pilot), special Glider, Grappling hook, BMX bike appearances, portraits, lobby BGM, loading screens, and more!



Free rewards! 1. Cosmetics 2. E-Points 3. Portraits 4. Gadget Skins 5. Music




Q: How do you get the Adventurer Pass? And how much does it cost?

A: The Adventurer Pass is separated into two parts: the first part being the Free Pass, all players can obtain rewards by playing the game and increasing their season tiers without any sort of payment. The second part is the Adventurer Pass, which is available for purchase for 950 E-Points, a premium currency obtained with real-world money via Steam payment. There will be no options to buy the Adventurer Pass directly with real-world money.

On a side note, players will immediately get a handful of rewards upon purchasing the Adventurer Pass, including Adventurer Characters- Bradley and Sylvia! You also get access to exclusive Adventurer weekly challenges, Heroic challenges, multiple XP boosts and more.

Also, players don't have to purchase the Adventurer Pass right away for the fear of missing out, players can buy the Adventurer Pass mid-season and retroactively earn the premium rewards based on the season tier that you've already reached!

Q: How do I level up my season tiers exactly?

A: As you play, players can level up their season character levels by accumulating experience points in-game, each character level will reward one Adventurer Badge. Completing daily and weekly challenges will also reward Adventurer Badges accordingly, 10 Adventurer Badges will increase players’ season tier by one, unlocking a variety of rewards!

Q: Does rewards affect gameplay? Will the rewards stay forever?

A: As always, none of the rewards affect game balance and all rewards that can be unlocked stays forever!

Q: Tell me more about Adventurer Characters!

A: There are three unlockable Adventurer Characters in Season 2. All characters have progressive outfits called “Character Styles”, players can unlock different styles for their Adventurer Characters as they play and level up their seasonal Adventurer Tiers.